Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday Lunch Specials!

So who wants to know what we're serving up today? It all looks and smells SO good in here right about now!

<3 Pizza Panini (Running through Friday)
***Remember that all paninis can now be made either on Gluten free bread or on a tortilla!
<3 Curried Veggitable Pot Pie
<3 German Style Potato & Dumpling Sup
***Served with Wild Oven French Bread!

And just to remind you what sweet treats we have today...
<3 M&M cookie** <-- I goofed and thought there was peanutbutter in this, but there is not!
<3 Irish Coffee Muffin
<3 The Old Goat Cupcake

Come on down and warm yourself up with some sweet baked goods, and warm espressos, coffee & tea!

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