Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Tuesday!

Good morning everyone!

Today, B's is introducing a new muffin AND a new cupcake!!! 

<3 Peanutbutter M&M Cookie

<3 The Irish Coffee MUFFIN AKA a buttery deliciousness that melts in your mouth, packed full of Whiskey, Kahlua & set with a Baileys glaze. 

<3 The Old Goat Cupcake AKA a maple cinnamon cake, cinnamon buttermilk ganache center & a goat and cream cheese frosting.... Don't miss this one- it looks and smells AMAZING!
(Out of the kitchen around 1030). 

And, I will be posting lunch specials in about an hour... But rumor has it, we'll be serving up the Pizza panini all week! Shhhhh.......

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