Thursday, March 7, 2013

 Happy thirsty-Thursday Juneau!
Soak up some vitamin D and walk over to B's for a light breakfast.
We've got mouthwatering blueberry sour-cream cake to accompany your coffee (oh yeah, and did we mention we're giving our espresso machine a try?!)
In an hour or so we'll have potato bacon chowder for your lunch and caramel appletini cupcakes for dessert.
Coq Au vin pot pie is in the works, and we're still rocking the chicken cordon bleu panini for a sandwich special.
Oh yeah- and we have an abundance of lonely leftover 'sugar n' spice n' everything nice cupcakes!
Spicy chocolate with cinnamon ganache and an absolutely electric pink frosting, for only $2.50!
Grab 'em up!

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